Ron's maternal great-grandparents
Posnan, Poland  (circa  1900)
Left:  Julianna (Gliniecka) Ossowski  (1834?-1918)
Right:  Wojciech Ossowski  (1850-1926)
Julianna, thrice married, acquired the title of "Dame" through her first husband, Jan Kaczynski, who died in 1870.
Her second husband, Kazimierz Stromowski, died of typhus fever after only one year of marriage.  In 1872, she
married her third husband, Wojciech, a Polish cavalry officer approximately sixteen years her junior who fought
for Prussia during the Franco/Prussian War of 1870/71 and earned a medal for heroism.  Wojciech and Julianna
lived on a large estate near Posnan which included a spacious house, twenty acres of land, an immense barn filled
with tools of every type, and a carriage driven by a coachman and pulled by four horses.  Julianna, renowned as
an excellent dancer, also had a beautiful singing voice.  She and Andrew had three children: Teofil (1873-1953);
Pawla (1876-1877); and Franciszka (1879-1956).  Pawla, a son, died after one year; Teofil lived and died in Nowe
Dobra (near Chelmno), Poland; and Franciszka emigrated to America and died in San Pedro, California, U.S.A. 

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