Franciszka (Ossowska) Kaczmarek  (early 1950's)
Ron's maternal grandmother
San Pedro, California  (late 1940's)
Franciszka (Ossowska) Kaczmarek  (1879-1956)
Franciszka married twice; first to Jozef Kaczmarek (1879-1927) and, after Jozef's death, to Mike Japczyk, a gruff small 
business owner who drank considerably and died some five years later.  Not long after Jozef and Franciszka married in
1900, Jozef left his wife behind in Poland and traveled to America (1902) where, working as a polisher of medical
instruments, he earned sufficient money to support his family and pay for structural improvements to his small tavern in
Warderayn, Poland.  The first expedition proved so successful that he departed again in 1904, shortly after Marta's birth,
and remained in America for a full three years.  Soon after his return, a second daughter, Regina (Virginia), was born in
1909.  Again, not long thereafter, Jozef embarked on yet another trip to America.  By 1912, Franciszka had grown weary
of the repeated separations; and, when Jozef ignored her repeated pleas to come home, she approached a local priest 
for advice.  The priest sent a letter to Jozef in America, admonishing him to send for his family.  Jozef obeyed and sent
Franciszka enough money for ship and train fare.  Franciszka sold the family tavern, bundled up her two daughters, and
the three of them emigrated to the United States, joining Jozef in the city of Chicago, Illinois.  Several years later, after
the family relocated to Bay City, Michigan, two more children were born:Joseph Felix (1914-1995) and Bronistawa a.k.a.
"Bernice" (1916-1961).  Several years after Bernice was born, Jozef moved the family back to Chicago where he found

the lifestyle more to his liking.  There, at age forty-two, Franciszka gave birth to a fifth child, Evelyn Olga (1921-1999).


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