Teofil Ossowski -- unknown location -- 1930
Ron's great uncle
unknown location in Poland  (1930)
Teofil Ossowski  (1873-1953)
Teofil, first  child of Julianna and Wojciech Ossowski, was born on 29 October, 1873.  While his younger sister,
Franciszka, emigrated to the United States, Teofil remained in Poland, settling in the city of Nowe Dobra, There,
he married Weronika Anna Chabowska (1880-1938) and together they produced fifteen children.  Sadly, three
sons died in infancy: Konrad (three years old); Leon I (shortly after birth); and Leon II (shortly after birth).
Children surviving into adulthood included Klara (1902-1986); Amelia (1905-1992) ; Regina (1908-1992);
Bronislawa (1909-1934); Lucja (1911-1986); Bernard (1912-1968); Hieronin (1914- missing in World War II );
Marta (1916-2008); Wanda (1919-); Apolonia (1921-1989); Wiktoria (1922-1995); Wladyslawa (1923-1996).
Teofil died in Nowe Dobra on May 10, 1953, five months shy of his eightieth birthday.

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