. . . original compositions by Ron Karpinski

Title Year            Title Year
Ass Fat 2013 A Walk in the Snowy Forest 1998
Taking the Plunge 2008 A Quiet Moment in the City 1998
Needles in My Nose 2008 Love Is Where You Find It 1997
Jake's Bench 2007 Return to the Sea 1997
Happy Landings 2007 A Real Leader 1997
Big Mike Eddy  2006  Phantom Noises 1997
Casual Informal 2006 Bushwhackers 1997
Dinner with the President 2006 A Love Letter to Lanie 1997
High Drama in Coach 2006 The Egg Man 1997
I'll Get You For This! 2002 Brothers to the End 1997
Man Over Microchip 2002 Ever Heard a Swan Fly? 1996
After a Long Hard Day at the Office 2001 The Port-a-Potty 1996
First Days of Spring 2001 A Page from James Bond 1996
Duchess 2000 Are You an Expert Skier? 1996
Geckos in Paradise 2000 The Last Granola Bar 1996
Innocent Victims 2000 Eureka Joe 1996
Martha's Jaw 2000 Illusive Love 1996
Where Do Squirrels Go When It Snows?  2000 Poor Charley 1996
So Much for Barking Dogs 2000 The Pharaoh's Revenge 1995
For Want of a Good Night's Sleep 2000 All You Can Eat 1995
Who Was That Man? 1999 Things Mechanical 1995
Dashing Across the Dunes 1999 One Tough Woman 1995
Squeaks and Rattles 1999 A Second Chance 1995
Memories of New York 1999 Taming the Wild Rogue 1995
What a Catch! 1999 Plums for Aunt Virginia 1995
Eleven Hours on the Road 1999 Slugger 1995
The One That Got Away 1999 The Wind in Your Sail 1995
The Smooth Swing of an Ax 1999 Mom, Am I Adopted? 1995
Flowers Are Not the Answer 1999 A Porsche Calls to Me 1995
Black Ice 1999 The Right Man for the Job 1995
Fate Waits for No Man 1999 The Lost Glove of Vallee Blanche 1994
The Face in the Mirror 1999 A Scout Is a Scout Forever 1994
My Wife Wears Boxer Shorts 1998 Sauna Etiquette 1994
The Great Treasure Hunt 1998 When the Sun Comes Out 1993
The Birds and the Bees 1998 A Dolphin Is a Man's Best Friend 1990
Skipping Along 1998


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