Irmi and Ron

. . . aging together  (click on any photo below)

The Day We Met -- Stuttgart, Germany Hiking in France Vacationing on Greek Cyprus Our Wedding Day Seeing Aunt Virginia off at the Airport -- Frankfurt, Germany Christmas with Irmi's Mother -- Stuttgart, Germany
Jun 1983 Jul 1988 Jun 1989 Sep 1990 May 1991 Dec 1992
After a Long Day on the Ski Slopes -- Ischgl, Austria Summer in the South of Spain Mugging for Friends -- Oberursel, Germany Christmas at Home in Oberursel, Germany Christmas with Family in Mannheim, Germany Family Photo Day -- Mannheim, Germany
Jan 1993 Jun 1994 Feb 1995 Dec 1996 Dec 1997 May 1998
Don Cesar Hotel -- St. Petersburg, Florida Touring Downtown Chicago, Illinois At a Neighbor's Party, New Port Richey, Florida Break time while hiking in Austria Chesnut Park, overlooking Lake Tarpon, Florida Entertaining Friends at Home, Thalwil, Switzerland
Apr 1999 Sep 2000 Oct 2001 Aug 2002 Nov 2003 Dec 2004
Joe Cocker Concert -- Zurich, Switzerland At a birthday party in Zurich, Switzerland break time at a tea house in St. Gallen, Switzerland At a birthday party in Germany On the beach at sunset -- Florida Another Fiery Florida Sunset (2010)
Jul 2005 Aug 2006 Feb 2007 Nov 2008 May 2009 Oct 2010
Mother's Day Party -- Mannheim, Germany Relaxing after a long hike -- Krummenau, Switzerland
May 2011 Jun 2012

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