Riding the Lake Zug Passenger Ferry
Zug, Switzerland  (September, 2012)
As the waning weeks of summer approached, my lovely wife, Irmi, stared at the discount boat tickets
in her hand and said, "you know, we should use these before they expire."  I grimaced.  The weather
had already turned chilly, the water out on the lake looked choppy, and the wind whipped up a frenzy.
While ten percent off sounded inviting, what were we really saving?  A few franc's, actually, not much
more than the cost of a cup of coffee; but, as any married man knows, there are times to stand your
ground and other times to smile, nod and keep your mouth shut.  Irmi perused our social calendar and
decided that Saturday, the 15th of September, would be a good day for a ferry boat ride on Lake Zug.
As the weekend approached, I prayed for rain; but, wouldn't you know it, Saturday dawned warm and
balmy, summer's last gasp, no doubt.  Shortly after 11:00 a.m., we boarded a local train in our village
of Thalwil and, sixteen minutes later, arrived in Zug, population 26,045.  From the Zug train station, we
wandered hand-in-hand several hundred meters through town, down to the lake, and boarded the ferry.
Leaving Thalwil, looking down at Lake Zürich from the train window.
Lake Zug, with ferry boat routes and ports of call.
Boarding the ferry in Zug.  (That's Irmi at the end of the line.)
Backing away from the dock, beginning a three-hour tour of the lake.
Settling into our seats on the upper deck.
This late in the season, it wasn't crowded at all.
Crossing the lake toward Cham while photographing in the direction of The (Mt.) Rigi.
Certain we would not be needing sun glasses, we had left them at home.
Approaching the village of Cham.
Departing Cham.
Heading toward Buonas, with the gap between Lothenbach and Chiemen directly ahead.
A single solitary sailboat, with Zug in the background.
Skirting around the Risch peninsula, with the village of Arth visible at the far end of the lake.
Approaching the Chiemen peninsula.  Immensee is just around the corner to the right.
As the ship swings to starboard, Irmi enjoys the sun in her face.
One of those moments in life when everything falls perfectly into place.
Docking at Immemsee.
Departing Immensee.
Looking back toward Zug, through the Lothenbach-Chiemen gap.
Passing the Walchwil coastline, heading toward Arth.
More of the Walchwil coastline, mostly rolling farmland.
Docking at Arth.
Leaving Walchwil behind.
You can make him hang up the uniform, but you just can't take the green out of this man.
Returning to the Zug ferry dock.
Viewing right from the Zug ferry docks.
(Later, we will walk along the shoreline promenade to and through the "old town.")
Saying goodbye to the ferry.
So long until next time.   Ron and Irmi.

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