Riding the Lake Zürich Passenger Ferry
Thalwil to Zürich, Switzerland  (July, 2012)
Late morning on Saturday, 15 July, Irmi and I walked down the hill from our home and rode
the passenger ferry forty minutes along the eastern shoreline of Lake Zürich into downtown
for some shopping.  Five hours and six-hundred Swiss Francs later, we caught another ferry
and rode home along the western shoreline.  The weather seemed more like springtime than
summer, with intermittent clouds and a strong breeze, resulting in some interesting photos.
Yours Truly, at the Thalwil ferry station, waiting for the next boat -- with the Alps in the
background. No matter how often we ride this route, it is always fun; and, no matter how
many times we stare at the lake each day, it always looks different, always fascinating.
Lovely Irmi, at the Thalwil Ferry docks, with downtown Zürich in the distant background.
On the boat, leaving Thalwil, looking back at our home and the docks.
Yours truly, with the wind in his (rapidly graying) hair.
Crossing Lake Zürich, looking north toward downtown Zürich.
Having reached the eastern shore of the lake, we have already stopped three
 times to load and unload passengers and are now departing the village of Küsnacht.
Approaching downtown Zürich where we will dock at the Bürkliplatz (Boo-er-klee-plats),
at the end of the famed Bahnhofstrasse. The Limmat River, originating from snow melt
high in the Alps, exits Lake Zürich under the bridge directly ahead and eventually joins
 the Aare River en route to the Rhine, which empties into the North Sea.
Exiting the ferry in Zürich, a polite young man offered to take our photo.
Looking back at the lake, toward home and the Alps . . . and threatening
 weather.  In Europe, ALWAYS bring an umbrella when you leave home!
Five hours later, having raided two bank ATM's and loaded with parcels, we re-board the
ferry for the ride home.  (We did not make it out of the Saturday flea market before Irmi
bought a 1939 British railroad lantern, and I purchased a 1940's S. Melani art-deco statue
of a young woman in a bathing suit suitable for display in our living room . . . or maybe not.)
Looking back at downtown Zürich, as the ferry pulls away.
Cruising along the west shoreline, while the captain ponders whether or not to ram this
 sail boat in our path.  The ferry, being "bigger and badder," always has the right-of-way.
Now passing by the Lindt Chocolate Factory.  Breathe deeply.  Smell that?
Arriving at the Rüschlikon Ferry station.  (Last stop before our town of Thalwil.)
Departing Rüschlikon.  (Note the benches for gazing at the lake while waiting for the ferry.)
Approaching Thalwil.  Will we make it home before the skies open up?
Coasting in to the Thalwil Ferry Docks (just beyond the red and white Swiss flag at far left).
Our home is at the red arrow.  (We walked in the front door just as the rains began to fall!)
 Until next time.  Kind Regards, Ron and Irmi.

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