Hiking on the Felsenegg
above Thalwil, Switzerland  (August, 2011)
The weather turned nice one weekend in late August.  With Autumn fast approaching, one never knew in Switzerland when warm sunny
days might suddenly end, replaced by a blanket of frost on the landscape; so Irmi and I decided to get out of the house for a few hours,
wander through the foothills in our shirtsleeves, fill our tanks with pure mountain air, and revel in the final few weeks of a great summer.
A short, fifteen-minute car ride later, we arrived in the Albis, on a high plateau overlooking Lake Zürich, with the Alps in the background.
Securing our car at a convenient restaurant parking lot, we struck out northward, toward the Felsenegg with the city of Zürich beyond.
Irmi at our starting point.  We parked our car in the lot at the base of the hill.  Lake Zürich and the
 Alps are in background.  Our home in Thalwil lies on the lake shore behind the tree to the far left.
Tall corn, close to harvest time.  (Someone once advised that a branch in the corner of a photo adds depth!)
Walking north, along a ridge line parallel to the lake.  Zürich lies at the northern end of the lake, to the far left.
Irmi, admiring the grand vista.  Those white objects contain winter
 hay (for cows) shrink-wrapped in plastic.  The corn is taller than Irmi!
Plodding toward the Felsenegg (roughly above the town of Adliswil).
  This hard-packed gravel surface is typical for paths in the area.
On the return leg, heading south, exiting a deep forest into bright sunlight.  The Alps are in
 the background, with a small section of Lake Zürich barely visible above the trees on the left.
Same basic frame as the previous shot, with yours truly having stepped a few paces farther out into the sunlight.
Irmi, employing a telephoto lens, zooming in on the Alps.  It had rained recently, and visibility was crystal clear. 
To our naked eyes, the mountains appeared strikingly vivid; but, the distance was too great for a ten mega pixel
  camera to capture the true depth of the panorama, which demonstrates the magnificence of the human eyeball.

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