The Intrepid Alpine Skier
Flims-Laax, Switzerland  (March, 2011)



Having at long last succumbed to mounting pressure from sports safety advocates, I now grace local
ski slopes wearing a high-impact carbon crash helmet as standard equipment.  Naturally, friends are
curious to know if the device actually works; that is to say, when I fall on my head, does it cushion the
blow?   Ha! Ha!  Very funny!  Yours truly, an accomplished skier of many years' standing, does not fall
on the ski slopes.  (Note: Technically speaking, lurching into a forward somersault is not considered
"falling," provided one manages to land on his feet again and resume a downhill course under his own
power and without loss of momentum, thus appearing to have performed the maneuver intentionally.) 
No, no, I wear a helmet strictly for flair; it makes me look cool.

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