Skiing at Nearby Flumserberg
Flums, Switzerland  (December, 2007)
The Alps had been receiving good snowfall thus far in the season; it was mid-December and my first day on the
slopes.  Irmi had been ill most of the week with a stomach virus and wasn't yet strong enough to accompany me,
so I hooked up with Susanne, our good friend and Irmi's colleague at The Dow Chemical Company.  We drove to
Flumserberg, a local ski resort only thirty-five minutes away by car, and were carving gentle turns by 10:00 a.m.
The weather was clear and bright, although a bit chilly at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, with a slight wind; but that's why
we all spend big bucks on Gortex outerwear.  Snow conditions varied from well-groomed to crusted and covered
with hard kernels, what locals call "corn snow."  A few stretches had pure, almost powder snow, but don't think of
that low-humidity Colorado fluff, as European snow tends to be on the wetter side, more, perhaps, like what one
might encounter in Vermont stateside; and patches of ice are quite prevalent on many of the steeper slopes here.
In short, ski conditions were challenging that day, but Susanne and I were both pleasantly surprised at our good
form and stamina.  After four hours on ski's and a leisure outdoor lunch with a good portion of the Alps serving as
background, we decided not to press our luck on the first day and headed for home, contented, and in one piece.
Village of Flums (1400 meters) as we exit gondola from Unterterzen. 
Susanne at Chruez Pass.  The temperature is -10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit).
Eight-person chairlift exits at Prodkamm top station and restaurant (1,939 meters).
Skiing down from the Prodkamm top station.
Skiing through Mittenwald toward village of Tannenheim (1,220 meters).
Susanne, standing in front of the Tannenheim gondola station.
Susanne, enjoying lunch at the top station Prodkamm (1,939 meters).
Skiing down to Flums at the end of the day.

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