Hiking through the Kloen Valley
Switzerland  (July, 2006)
Among our many good Swiss friends are Rolf and Alice Liechti.  One weekend, Rolf and Alice invited us to
join them on a day hike through the Kloen Valley, located near the city of Glarus in the "Glarnerland" region
of Switzerland.  Rolf is our self-appointed tour guide, periodically introducing us to scenic, far-flung corners
of his beloved homeland.  Rolf is fond of saying, "There is more to Switzerland than the Bahnhof Strasse in
downtown Zürich."  After several weekend trips in the back seat of Rolf's Toyota four-by-four, we agree.
Start Point -- Kloen Valley (Glarnerland region) near Glarus, Switzerland
 View Back Toward the Start Point
 It's July . . . and there is still snow on the ground.
 Rolf, Irmi, and Alice trekking back down toward the valley floor.
 . . . enjoying a flat and easy Saturday stroll in a beautiful corner of Switzerland
 The Valley Floor, Wide and Green
 Last House on the Rural Mail Route
We had climbed as high as the white arrow.
 Alice and Irmi Picking Wildflowers.
 View of Lake Kloen from Our Outdoor Lunch Table.

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