Skiing at St. Gallenkirch
Austria  (February, 2006)
Last week, Irmi and I joined friends Andrea and Susanne on a five-day ski holiday in tiny St. Gallenkirch,
located in the picturesque Montofon region of Austria, less than two hours from our home in Switzerland.
It snowed mildly upon our arrival Thursday afternoon, and again on Friday, but we were nonetheless able
to ski with the aid of tinted goggles that covered the upper face.  Visibility in the shade, however, became
blurry at times, and contours in the snow surface were difficult to distinguish.  As a result, every now and
then, I unknowingly slammed into a hard pile of snow or fell off a small drop without realizing it was there.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday bestowed us with crystal clear skies and bright sunshine, with plenty of
perfectly textured snow, so I gave my new skis a good workout; and by the end of the five days, I had
rediscovered a semblance of good form, at least according to Irmi, anyway.  Admittedly, she is my wife,
so one can understand her bias; but what I don't understand is how she could judge my form effectively
while speeding a hundred meters ahead with her back to me.  That woman never lets me take the lead!
At the Hotel Adler, we paid for "half-pension" (double room with breakfast and dinner included), and the
food was absolutely gourmet.  Lunch, of course, we enjoyed at a rustic restaurant high up on the slopes.
Entrance to Our Hotel
Our Hotel Entrance
View from Our Hotel Room
View from Our Hotel Room
Cable Car to the Middle Station
Taking the Cable Car up to the Middle Station
Taking a Break at the Top Station
Ron and Irmi Taking a Short Break at the Top Station
Let's Get Together!
Ron, Andrea, and Susanne getting together
Bump!  Now We Are Together
Bump!  Now We're Together
Riding an Older Four-Person Chair Lift
Andrea and Susanne Riding an Older Four-Person Chair Lift
Up, Up the Mountainside We Go
Up, Up the Mountainside We Go!
Posing for Posterity
Ron, Andrea, and Susanne posing for posterity
Lunchtime in the Alps
Susanne and Irmi -- Lunchtime in the Alps
 "Sennhütta" (restaurant) at Top Station of Valisera Gondola
Restaurant, Chair Lift, and Red Run
Restaurant is at far right middle with chair lift extending toward the bottom left.
(This is probably a "red" run -- middle difficulty.  See the valley in the distance?)
Shall We Ski Down, Or Take the Gondola?
Shall we ski down to the valley floor, or take the cable car?

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