Boating on Lake Lucerne
Switzerland  (September, 2005)
A Saturday in late summer turned absolutely beautiful, with temperatures in the low seventies, a light breeze,
and bright sunny skies.  Our friends, Graham and Beam, invited us for a leisure ride on their speedboat from
Küssnacht am Rigi to Lucerne for lunch and a stroll along the lakefront promenade.  How could we refuse?
Two towns are called "Küssnacht."  The other lies on Lake Zürich; so, to distinguish them from each other,
this one is officially named "Küssnacht am Rigi" (on the Rigi River); but most locals simply call it "Küssnacht,"
as well.  One must know that this is the one to which they are referring.  This one, by the way, is tucked into
a corner of the northern most finger lake among four finger lakes that comprise the greater Lake Lucerne.
We left Küssnacht at 11:30 a.m., arrived in Lucerne thirty minutes later, ate lunch at a Philippine restaurant,
strolled through town and along the lake, and then motored back to Küssnacht, returning there at 4:00 p.m.,
just in time for "coffee and cake" at a shady outdoor cafe abutting a low stone sea wall in the quaint harbor.
Beam and Graham, removing the tarp at the boat slip in Küssnacht am Rigi.
Leaving Küssnacht am Rigi in our wake.
Passing by Mount Pilatus which overlooks Lucerne.
Approaching Lucerne.
Beam and Ron, sitting in the back seat.
Tied up at the public docks in Lucerne (3 hours free parking).
The side wheel paddle steamer "City of Lucerne."
Small Philippine restaurant where we ate lunch.
Corner coffee house.
In the city, an apartment with a balcony is a sought-after luxury.
Ron and Graham, waiting on the ladies (but not complaining).
One of several passenger ferry docks in Lucerne.
Arriving back at the boat (the one on the far right).
Must be something awfully interesting down there.  (The water is 150 feet deep!)
Relaxing in the sun on the ride home. 
Not much wind on this day. 
The side wheel paddle steamer "Schiller," abeam, as we cruise past. 
The Schiller, riding in our wake. 
Graham flies the "Red Ensign" on his boat, peacetime version of the British Union Jack.
Home of Marc Rich, at the time a fugitive American financier. 
Castle Meggan (a private estate). 
Vineyards along the shoreline. 
Anyone for tea? 
Returning to Küssnacht am Rigi. 
Having put the boat back to bed. 
Hey, youse guys, let's stop for some coffee and cake!

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