Hiking near Wollerau
Switzerland  (October, 2004)
Bengt and Lisbeth are former next-door neighbors who moved to the city of Wollerau in Canton Schwyz, about
18 kilometers (11miles), as the crow flies, from our home in Thalwil.  One fall afternoon, the four of us met near
Wollerau for a leisure hike through the surrounding countryside, followed by dinner and drinks at their new place.
How green is this valley, in mid-October, no less?
Ron and Lisbeth, conferring with Bessie.
Upper Lake Zürich and city of Rapperswil in the distance.
Left to Right:  Ron, Lisbeth, Bengt.
Tradional "Riegel" house.  Someone here enjoys flowers.
Fall display in an otherwise unused corner.
Autumn colors on the wall -- and a convenient rest stop.
L to R:  Irmi, Bengt, Lisbeth -- with Lake Zürich in background.
Ron and Bengt, leading the way home. 

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