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Aunt Virginia's little ranch on the Rogue  (2001) Ms. Lanie Mullen  (circa 2001) Tortola, British Virgin Islands  (1997) Flumserberg, Switzerland  (2005) Hinter Albis Sled Run  (2006) Alpine Man, Flims Switzerland  (2007) above the frozen Sihlsee  (2007) Monastery in Einsiedeln, Switzerland  (2009) Irmi & Filmore on the Sofa  (2010) Skiing at Flims-Laax, Switzerland  (2011) Ski Weekend in Davos  (2012) The Wide Open Slopes  (2013) Sisters Under the Sun  (2014)
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Karen Koch (circa 1964) John Phillips (Egypt 1981) Vienna  (2004) near Naples, Florida  (2005) St. Gallenkirch, Austria  (2006) Humphrey Bogart Lives! downtown Zurich, Switzerland  (2008) Chance encounter in the snowy forest  (2009) Ron & Irmi Among the Cherry Trees  (2010) Lunchtime at Fred Howard Beach  (2011) Ski Saturday in Flims-Laax, Switzerland  (2012) Lake Zürich Shoreline in Thalwil  (2013) Springtime in Switzerland  (2014)
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Eureke Joe at Fort Benning, Georgia  (1980) Mysterious Kissing Mermaid of Sand Key Beach  (2003) Old Army Pals  (2004) a "Walliser" goat near Kußnacht, Switzerland  (2004) Transportation Museum -- Lucerne, Switzerland  (2006) Hiking in the Sihl Valley  (2007) The Famous Scharna Sisters  (1960) Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico  (2009) Hiking Above Gstaad, Switzerland  (2010) The Lovely Beachcomber  (2011) Relaxing After a Long Hike  (2012) Irmi on a Swing  (2013) Hiking in Oberaegeri, Switzerland  (2014)
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Moose Clarke  (circa 1997) Andrea Chamberlain  (1990) Rogue River, Oregon  (1962) the "Hinterrhein" near Thusis, Switzerland  (2004) Ron and Linelle in Lucerne (2006) Proud Bessie -- near Sihlbrugg  (2007) The View from Irmi's Hospital Room  (2008) Hiking in Hirzel, Switzerland  (2009) Irmi above Lake Cauma  (2010) A Quaint, Neatly-Kept Kapelle  (2011) Mogli, Pointing at His Prey  (2012) Lake Zurich under a Full Moon  (2013) Swimming in Lake Constance  (2014)
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Joe D'Auria  (1961) Plummer Realty  (1967) sailing the cat on Lake Zurich  (2004) the "Peaks of Chur"  (2005) Passau, Germany, taken from nearby hilltop in Austria  (2006) Overlooking Lake Zürich  (2007) Hiking on the Riffelsberg  (2008) Hiking up to the Ringquelle Waterfall  (2009) Paddle-Wheel Steamer on Lake Geneva (2010) Irmi on 1950's Italian Motor Scooter  (2011) Harbor Fountain, Geneva, Switzerland  (2012) Secluded Farm near Flims  (2013) An Old Garden Gate  (2014)
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Karen Beaman  (1983) Rhein-Kassel, Germany  (1997) hiking near Amend, Switzerland  (2004) Kapelle St. Dionys  (2005) Hiking in the Kloental  (2006) Lorraine American Cemetery, France  (2007) Hiking on the Felsenegg  (2008) A Day on Lake Zürich  (2009) Winners -- Lake Zürich Corporate Regatta  (2010) Hiking Around the Caumersee  (2011) Tell -- The Musical  (2012) Walensee (Lake Walen) from Above  (2013) Dinner on the Terrace  (2014)
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Miss Piggy  (1986) M48A2C Main Battle Tank  (1969) the "Vorderrhein" near Thusis, Switzerland  (2004) Schloss Meggenhorn  (2005) Schlumpf Auto Museum, Mulhouse, France  (Aug 2006) Rowboat on the Beach -- Florida  (2007) The Waegitaler See  (2008) Lake Zurich annual corporate regatta  (2009) Searching for Seashells on the Seashore  (2010) Cathedral of St. Nikolaus  (2011) Don't Push Me!  (2012) A Bird on the Beach  (2013)
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The Port-a-Potty  (1983) Baby Moose Clarke  (1964) Hillsborough River near Tampa, Florida  (2004) Hillsborough River near Tampa, Florida  (2005) Palm Trees in Switzerland?  (2006) Bird on the Beach -- Indian Rocks, Florida   (2007) Hiking in Flims, Switzerland  (2008) Yoga on the Beach  (2009) Thanksgiving in Switzerland  (2010) Walking Path to the Beach  (2011) Yoga on a Pipe on the Beach  (2012) Out on a Limb  (2013)
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Old Blue  (1970) "cogwheel" train in Garmisch, Germany  (1996) Above Lake Zurich, Switzerland  (2001) Swarovski Crystal Tree -- Zurich  (2005) Honeymoon Island, Dunedin, Florida  (2006) Skiing through the Mittenwald  (2007) Christmas Markt in Eglisau  (2008) Sunday Walk in Einsiedeln, Switzerland  (2009) Saturday Night on the Sofa (2010) Rainbow over Thalwil  (2012) Bird on a Wooden Post  (2012) Zurich Christmas Market  (2013)
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