The Scharna Sisters
Greiz, (East) Germany  (Christmas 1959)
Left to Right: Adelheid (1953); Irmhild (1956); Marion (1950-1981); Elisabeth (1952)
This is the last known photograph of the Scharna sisters taken while the family still lived in the former East Germany.
One year later, in December 1960, the family fled to West Germany.  Marion, the oldest daughter, became a grade
school teacher, living in the Black Forest city of Haiterbach.  She died tragically while vacationing in southern Italy in
1981.  Elisabeth, next oldest, is a tenured teacher today, lecturing in English at a German Army institute in Karlsruhe.
Adelheid attended a vocational institute in Heidelberg and, for seven years, designed women's wear for the renowned
German clothing firm "Betty Barclay."  Today, she lives in Mannheim, married with one daughter, Katja, born in 1992.
Irmhild also taught school for two years but is today a sales and marketing product manager for The Dow Chemical
Company at its European headquarters near Zurich, Switzerland.

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