Irmi's oldest sister
Gerlingen, Germany  (1980)
Marion Scharna  (1950-1981)
Marion was born in the city of Greiz, in the German state of Thüringen, one year following the establishment
of the former East Germany.  When Marion was ten years old, her family fled to West Germany, eventually
settling in the town of Gerlingen, located on the outskirts of Stuttgart.  There, Marion completed her primary
schooling and attended a small teachers' college in nearby Reutlingen.  Upon graduation, Marion moved to
the Black Forest town of Haiterbach where she had been hired as a grade school teacher.  Marion excelled
in her work and, within four years, received tenure as a "permanent" teacher.  She also became engaged to
be married.  In 1981, while vacationing in southern Italy, she and her fiancé died together in a tragic accident.

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