Unknown Location  (circa  1952)
  Left to Right:  Janis Mae Kaczmarek (1949); Richard Leroy Karpinski (1949); Joan Frances Kaczmarek (1947); 
                        Helen Joyce Kaczmarek (1946);Ronald Alan Karpinski (1947); Marie Ann Kaczmarek (1942);
                        Edward Joseph Karpinski, Jr. (1943); Beverly Karpinski (1941). 
In the early 1950's, Joe and Devina Kaczmarek and their four daughters resided in Lynwood, California, while Edward
and Evelyn (Joe's younger sister) Karpinski and their four children lived in nearby Long Beach.  The families gathered
often on weekends, enjoying meals at home or piling into the station wagon for short excursions.  In this photo, the
cousins all stand still long enough for a quick group shot at an undisclosed location.  The background suggests that
it might have been taken outside the town of Fawnskin, near Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains.

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