Aunt Virginia's Second Husband
Thomas Stevens (1940)
Chief Water Tender, U.S. Navy (1909-1943)
Thomas Stevens was born May 14, 1909 in Youngstown, Ohio.  On January 27, 1928, he enlisted in the United States Navy
for four years.  He re-enlisted in 1932 and again in 1936, rising through the ranks to eventually achieve the highest enlisted
grade of Chief Water Tender.  During his fifteen year Navy career, Tom served aboard thirteen ships:  USS Arizona, USS 
Nevada, USS West Virginia, USS Swallow, USS Sunnadin, USS Argonne, USS Mississippi, USS Brooks, USS Capella,
USS Arkansas, USS Babbitt, USS Hamilton, and the USS Maddox.  Records reflect that he was previously married to one
Anna Stevens of King County, Washington, that union having ended in divorce.  Tom and Virginia Vincent (nee Kaczmarek)
married on July 27, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York.  Many years later, Virginia often reflected that she and Tom were kindred
spirits -- a perfect match -- and that their marriage resulted in three of the happiest years of her life.  According to her, Tom
had a warm and generous nature and nurtured a loving home environment for her two daughters.  Tragically, Tom died at sea
during World War II when his ship, the USS Maddox, was sunk off the coast of Sicily in July of 1943.

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