Ron's cousin
Central Point, Oregon  (1968)
James Lincoln Plummer  (1950-1978)
Jim was born in Whittier, California, and, at the age of six, moved with his parents to the tiny town of Gold Hill, Oregon,
population 605.  In Oregon, Jim enjoyed an idyllic childhood, living on the banks of the storied Rogue River, surrounded
by forests, mountains, and clear blue skies.  Following high school, Jim attended Oregon Technical Institute (OTI) in
Klamath Falls, graduating in 1970 with an Associate Degree in engine systems maintenance.  During the same time
period, he also earned a real estate license and worked part-time for his mother at Plummer Realty in Gold Hill; and,
like so many other young lovers, suffered through a classic, short-lived and ill-fated marriage with a sweet gal named
"Bonnie."  Deep within, however, Jim's real passion in life lay in the sport of drag racing.  To that end, he designed,
built, and drove two race cars with success: a 1957 Plymouth coupe with "hemi-head" motor that he competed in the
"Class-C Stock "category; and a "sling shot" AA Fuel Dragster capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200 miles per
hour, in less than ten seconds, over a distance of one-quarter mile.  Jim achieved local renown in this second machine,
but it proved prohibitively expensive to operate and maintain.  Jim's mother, Virginia, served as his primary corporate
sponsor, using proceeds from her small real estate business; but a downturn in sales forced the car to be parked for
several months in the spring of 1978.  In May of that year, with his own car unavailable, Jim drove a friend's machine
in a National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) sanctioned drag race at the Orange County International Raceway (OCIR)
located in Irvine, California.  In that race, as the light turned green, the car vibrated violently as it moved forward off the
starting line.  Jim reacted properly by immediately reaching out and switching off the motor; but, tragically, in that brief
span of time, he suffered a fatal brain injury.  He was immediately rushed to a local hospital and placed on a life-support
system.  Three days later, after his mother had arrived from Oregon, life-support was turned off, and he died in her arms.

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