Ron's cousin
Chile  (circa 1958)
Left:  Yvonne Helen (Vincent) (Stephens) Cardemil  (1929-1997)
Right:  Gustavo H. Cardemil  (1927-2008)
Yvonne earned a degree in mathematics from Los Angeles City College and became a woman pioneer in the aerospace industry
of the early 1950's.  At twenty-two, she married a forgettable character named "Tex" and divorced him shortly thereafter.  By the
mid-1950's, she had met and married the love of her life, Gustavo Cardemil, a Chilean naval officer.  For close to a decade, the
couple enjoyed an exotic lifestyle in South America before leaving the Navy and settling in Arizona; but, by 1976, that marriage
also ended in divorce, so Yvonne relocated to southern Oregon near her mother, Virginia Plummer, a real estate broker.  With
Virginia's financial backing, Yvonne operated a small grocery store deep in the Cascade Mountains, across the road from the
South Umpqua River and just around the bend from the tiny town of Tiller.  For more than twenty years, Yvonne managed the
Telequa Cash Grocery Store completely alone, in quiet solitude, as she preferred.  Her sound business acumen, keen wit, and
honest service soon turned the rustic market into a favorite stop among passing logging truckers and a local landmark of sorts.
Following Yvonne's death from throat cancer, new owners stepped in and continued to operate the store in a similar fashion.

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