Stephen Joseph Karpinski (left); Edward Joseph Karpinski (right)
Ron's father and uncle
Chicago, Illinois (1932) -- Catholic Confirmation
Left:  Stephen Francis Karpinski  (1917-1944)

Right:  Edward Joseph Karpinski  (1919-1986)

Ron's father, Edward (above right), often mentioned that he was physically larger than his older brother, Steve, while they were
growing up.  This photo certainly corroborates that claim.  At the time, Steve was fifteen years old and Edward thirteen -- and
clearly the larger of the two.   A friend who is a devout Catholic suggested that the two brothers probably received communion
at the same time because the presiding Bishop traveled to Chicago only every other year.  Steve might not have been quite old
enough to participate at the time of the Bishop's last visit, while it appears that Edward qualified just in time for the visit of 1932.


Source of photo: M. Ficek Photo Art Studio, 5512 Fullerton Avenue, Chicago.

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