. . . to a few interesting web sites




Acronym Finder extensive list of computer acronyms
All Natural Car Products classic custom coco mats for your car
Arlington National Cemetery lists of everyone interred by category
Army -- Together We Served locate and be located by other Army vets
Better Business Bureau consumer advice/complaint venue
Bring a Trailer rare and unusual collectible cars
Christie's Auction House  complete catalogue and photos
Department of Transportation vehicle crash test results/safety info
Do Not Call (register with FTC) national telemarketing do-not-call list
Ellis Island (NY) Records immigration lists from 1892 thru 1924
Family Search genealogy search (Mormon church)
Federal Consumer Info Center federal publications available on-line
Federal Trade Commission consumer fraud -- and how to avoid it
Fido Friendly travel guide for families with dogs
GI Search military locator service
Godiva (Belgian) Chocolatier all about chocolate . . . and more!
Government Recalls safety recalls from six federal agencies
Hotels best prices . . . worldwide
Island Shirts hand-sewn Hawaiian shirts
Korean War Memorial dedicated to veterans of Korean War
Library of Congress U.S. history, exhibits, copyrights, etc.
Lindt (chocolate) of Switzerland all about chocolate . . . and more!
Military Officers Association   military news/themes/locator service
National UFO Reporting Center case files, photos, how to report, etc.
National Underwater Marine Agency non-profit group founded by Clive Cussler
Newseum today's worldwide newspaper front pages
Nursing -- A History from LPN to RN
Old Corral B western films/stars of 1930's & 1940's
Oldies music & movie catalogue sales
Paleomap Project view changes to earth's land masses
Reminisce Magazine stories/photos from the good old days
Roots Web genealogy info/Soc. Sec. death index
Simply the Best download fonts, sounds, drivers, etc.
Slash Dot science and technology news
Smithsonian Museums museums, galleries, National Zoo
Truth or Fiction? the truth behind e-mail "rumors"
USA Center of Military History official US Army historical records
U.S. National Archives & Records research official documents on-line
U.S. Supreme Court final stop in the U.S. legal process
Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedicated to veterans of Vietnam War
Web MD answers to all your medical questions
Windows Secrets best computer newsletter on the web
Women's' Memorial dedicated to women serving in all wars
World Almanac & Book of Facts one-stop on-line reference work
Zillow see current market value of your home


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